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Work Travel Published: 22nd May 2024

Who Stays In Serviced Accommodation?

Serviced accommodation stands where home comfort meets hotel luxury — in essence, fully furnished apartments enriched with cleaning, WiFi services, and, in several cases, around-the-clock customer support. Such accommodation types engage with an array of people, all completely different and constantly on the move. 

Whether it is business personnel on a project and in the city on a short-term basis or leisure travellers seeking total flexibility of a vacation property, contractors who require a functional longer endure, or relocation-moving guests who urgently need an in-between home – serviced accommodations provide it all. 


Business Travellers


Business travellers commonly look for places that are as comfortable as their own homes yet provide the exquisite conveniences of hotels. Serviced apartments offer precisely this combination, seamlessly integrating privacy and flexibility with the needs of a fast-adapting professional. 

They are traditionally equipped with high-speed internet, a desk workspace, and, in many cases, have dedicated meeting rooms either within their building or in the vicinity. Thus, visitors can be more at ease when holding relevant meetings or fulfilling tasks rather than feeling unsettled in a transient, impersonal hotel room. 

In addition, the option to cook meals in a fully equipped kitchen provides a sense of normalcy and helps manage expenses during longer stays. So, serviced accommodation is not just a refuge for business travellers away from their homes – it guarantees productivity, convenience, and a well-organised business trip.


Leisure Guests


Leisure travellers, too, prefer serviced accommodation for their vacations, where one can live luxuriously just like a hotel, at the same time in a comfort similar to a home. Thus, these apartments are built and operated in strategic sites within prime destinations, in close proximity to tourist attractions, shopping and entertainment centres. 

It becomes an excellent place to commute and compared to a conventional hotel room, these apartments are more spacious and secluded. A nicely furnished one or two-bedroom, living area and a kitchen are ideal while travelling with family or a small group. 

It allows guests to follow their regular routine, prepare healthy meals, and even have friends over for dining. Moreover, the housekeeping service helps them to avoid daily house tasks. Therefore, for customers keen to visit and rest, this option provides both freedom of travelling and relaxing discovery.




Serviced accommodation is an excellent option for contractors who are regularly travelling between different projects. These apartments allow people to balance between staying for a few weeks or even months in case of extended projects. While booking a hotel for a month may not be the best idea if one wants to survive financially, serviced apartments do not pose the same issue. 

Also, facilities in these apartments, such as fully equipped kitchens, laundry services, and sometimes even gyms or swimming pools, enable contractors to maintain the same lifestyle as at home.

They can ensure flexible booking and do not have lengthy routes to the closest job sites. Due to such factors, serviced accommodation is a reliable and timely solution for contractors who want to ensure stability during their professionally unstable times, even regarding their homes.


Relocating Individuals


Serviced accommodation is a viable way of making the relocation process free of stress for both individuals and their families. Such apartments provide temporary living conditions that retain the format and convenience of a permanent residence. Serviced apartments have the necessary furniture, home appliances, and utilities that eliminate the need to take out things from boxes or buy something right after arrival. 

They are useful when there is insufficient time to get acquainted with the area before moving when there is still not enough time to move to a permanent place of residence, or when there is still no confidence in the exact time of delivery of belongings. 

Maid service allows you to keep living untouched by clutter and mess even during the setup phase. Flexible leases allow individuals and families to avoid the rush to find a permanent residence and give thought to those looking for affordable, effective housing that suits them.


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