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Work Travel Published: 23rd June 2022

What Are Serviced Apartments?

In this day and age, there is so much choice when it comes to staying at a new destination. Whether you are travelling for work or leisure, hotels are not always the only option. A new form of accommodation is gaining popularity and that’s serviced apartments. These are apartments that are available for short or long-term lets and are fully furnished to allow you a comfortable and secure stay. A home from home, guests are enjoying the chance to stay in serviced apartments that has all the amenities they require when they are away from their property.

With the opportunity to stay from a couple of days to a month, a serviced apartment is the perfect way to stay in a new destination without breaking the bank. Serviced accommodation is gaining popularity and a lot of people are choosing these instead of opting for a traditional hotel. Here is everything you need to know about serviced apartments and why it’s a great choice for your next trip away.


What typically is included in a serviced apartment?

When you choose a serviced apartment for your stay, you will find so much more than a hotel room which makes this choice of accommodation very appealing for guests. For starters, you will get a good-sized bedroom and in a lot of these apartments, you can get multiple bedrooms which is great for groups of friends or family. You also get a fully equipped kitchen which is full of all the essentials you need to cook while you are away. From being able to store food in the fridge to creating fresh food with plenty of pots and pans, the kitchen is fully fitted to make your own meals during your stay. You will also find a washing machine, dryer and ironing board to ensure you can keep your laundry up-to-date while you are away

Unlike a hotel room, you will also find a living room in a serviced apartment. With sofas and a TV, the living area is a great space to unwind and relax while you are away. You will also find an equipped bathroom in a serviced apartment which will have modern facilities and towels and the master bedroom comes with an ensuite. With internet access as standard, a lot of people will find work areas in the serviced apartment so they can work while they are away on a business trip.

A lot of these serviced apartments offer facilities such as swimming pools and gyms on-site. Some of the featured apartments even have restaurants available on-site. You can also opt for extras such as housekeeping service.


What are the benefits of a serviced apartment?

There are several benefits to opting for a serviced apartment rather than a traditional hotel room. For one thing, you can choose exactly what you require from the apartment to ensure it fits your needs. Whether you want one, two or three bedrooms, you can choose an apartment which is right for your group. If you are in regular hotel rooms, you will often have to share a bed with friends or have limited room with families.

This option of a serviced apartment ensures you can have the number of bedrooms you require. Additionally, if you require additional services such as a concierge or housekeeping, these are also available to you with this type of accommodation With this kind of freedom to choose exactly what is right for your stay, serviced apartments are very appealing to guests.

There is such a variety of apartments available that the amount of choice means you can have the right apartment for you. With unique qualities, you can pick out the right one for you. You also get additional space that you can only dream of in a hotel room. From a living area that gives you plenty of time to relax after a day in a new city or a meeting with clients to a fully furnished kitchen allowing you to cook meals from home, you will have more space in these serviced apartments. This is a benefit for both those looking to travel for pleasure and those on business trips. With more privacy and comfort, it makes serviced apartments a grand choice for a trip to a new area for business travellers and leisure travellers.

The flexibility in visiting for both short and long-term also makes this option appealing. You can choose a longer stay which might work better if you are out in a new city for business or want to stay near family for a longer period. Nevertheless, you can also opt to stay a few days at an affordable rate. It’s also highly affordable to stay in serviced apartments and it works out a lot more reasonable than hotel rooms. There is often a significant discount for the longer you stay which is ideal for a business trip. You can also choose a convenient location so that you can get to the necessary location easily when you stay in a serviced apartment.


Are there any negatives for serviced apartments?

For some travellers, they prefer the experience of staying in hotel accommodation compared to serviced apartments. While serviced apartments offer a luxurious experience, hotel rooms have the option of extra facilities such as spas, room service and babysitting service.

Some guests also like to book hotel rooms that offer breakfast or dinner included to save them cooking during their trip and enjoy the daytime or evening entertainment that a hotel has to offer. Staying at certain hotels might also earn you rewards, especially if you visit often if you are a business traveller. A lot of travellers also find discounts available to stay at certain hotel chains.

Also, some travellers book through an agent to have both their transportation and accommodation included to cut down costs. They might also arrange transportation to ensure they can get from the airport or train station straight to the hotel. However, it’s often down to personal preference when it comes to deciding whether a hotel room or a serviced apartment is right for you. But with the benefits outweighing the negatives, it’s no surprise people are switching to this type of serviced accommodation.

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