TrustedStays Guest Referral Network

How many guests have you turned away due to maximum occupancy? How much revenue are you loosing? Start referring guests to the TrustedStays Guest Referral Network and you can earn commission on bookings that you can’t host!

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What is the TrustedStays
Guest Referral Network?

Whether you find yourself at maximum occupancy, inundated with enquiries or encounter a guest request that falls beyond your scope, the TrustedStays Guest Referral Network provides the solution.

You can earn up to 5% of gross booking value with a successful guest referral.

By keeping these inquiries within our network, we not only increase occupancy rates but also foster collaboration and solidarity within the short term rental industry.

What is the TrustedStays <br /> <span class="highlight">Guest Referral Network?</span>

How does it work?

  1. Step 1

    Unable to fulfil a guest enquiry?

    If you are at maximum occupancy or unable to fulfil guest needs, simply submit the enquiry to the TrustedStays Guest Referral Network.

  2. Step 2

    Lead Sharing

    We’ll distribute your enquiry to our network of trusted partners. For every lead you submit that converts into a booking, you’ll receive a referral commission.

  3. Step 3

    Earn Commission!

    Success your lead has converted into a booking, you can earn up to 5% of the gross booking value.

Why delay, start sending leads on the TrustedStays Network

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Benefits and rewards of the TrustedStays
Guest Referral Network

Start referring on the TrustedStays Guest Referral Network

The TrustedStays Guest Referral Network has 400+ partners all sharing leads. If you’re not a TrustedStays partner, create a FREE account today!

Your questions answered

  • What is the TrustedStays Network?

    The TrustedStays Network is a lead sharing network that allows operators to refer guests enquiries to other within the network should they be unable fulfil the requirements. The purpose of the network is to keep enquiries within the short term rentals industry, supporting each other to increase occupancy and keep business within our eco-system.

  • Who is the TrustedStays Network for?

    Any Supplier, property manager, property owner, that is registered and verified TrustedStays can benefit from the network.

  • How do I refer an enquiry?

    Simply submit the details via are referral form here via the TrustedStays Network Home page.

  • How do I receive a booking from the TrustedStays Network?

    You'll receive bookings from TrustedStays like any other reservation.

  • What happens after I've submitted a referral?

    Once you have submitted a guest referral, the system will offer the guests suitable alternative options from the network. Once the guest confirms and pays for the reservation, you will be notified of your commission split.

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