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All providers are Quality in Tourism accredited

We've brought together high quality home accommodation providers across the country to be booked in one, convenient place for businesses, local authorities and health trusts for businesses & government bodies.

All providers are <span class="highlight">Quality in Tourism</span> accredited

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1. Find properties

1. Find properties

Use our simple search tool to find homes in your desired location, that suit your staff's needs.

2. Check availability

2. Check availability

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3. Book

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Homes for NHS

TrustedStays began as Homes for NHS

Rehoming NHS staff during the pandemic

50 Health authorities assisted
10000+ Nights hosted for free
£20m + Saved for NHS Trusts

Quickly find homes
for your staff

From your sales team or regional managers to key workers such as nurses or civil servants, you can find and book high quality accommodation fast. They'll appreciate the comfort of a home at the end of a long day. Simply register with us to start booking with TrustedStays today.

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<span class="highlight">Quickly find homes</span><br />for your staff
Homes from NHS
Homes from NHS