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Work Travel Published: 23rd January 2024

Investing In Serviced Accommodation: Is It Worth It?

Exploring serviced accommodation investment taps into the dynamic hospitality scene. It's adaptable, potentially yields higher rental returns and appeals to diverse travellers. To navigate well, you must also factor in key aspects like occupancy rates and mortgage options for informed decisions.

Below is the rundown on whether investing in serviced accommodation is worth it and what you should consider before doing so.


What is serviced accommodation?


Serviced accommodation refers to fully furnished properties, like apartments or houses, rented for short-term stays. These places offer a homey feel with a kitchen, living area, and separate bedrooms. Unlike regular hotels, serviced accommodation gives travellers more space, privacy, and flexibility. It's a hit among those wanting a comfortable and convenient stay, with added perks like housekeeping and maintenance included.

Popular with business professionals, tourists, and people needing temporary housing, these lodgings provide a homelike environment. They're a hassle-free alternative to standard hotel stays, catering to the needs of people on the go.

Why investing in serviced accommodation is a good idea


There are several reasons why investing in serviced accommodation is a wise choice. Here are some of the main ones:


Growing demand


The surging demand for short-term rentals highlights the appeal of investing in serviced accommodation. Modern travellers increasingly opt for the flexibility and comfort these fully furnished properties offer, surpassing traditional hotels. A preference for personalised and homely experiences fuels this shift.

Serviced accommodations present a versatile solution, catering to diverse guest preferences. The ability to customise stays to specific needs, alongside convenient amenities like fully equipped kitchens and separate living spaces, positions serviced accommodation as a profitable investment. This trend mirrors a broader change in consumer behaviour, emphasising the significance of adaptable lodging options.




Boasting versatility, serviced accommodations attract a wide range of guests, from business professionals to vacationers. Their flexibility to fit various markets, such as corporate housing or leisure travel, makes them a smart and adaptable investment. This capacity to meet the needs of different demographics broadens the potential guest base and fortifies the property against market fluctuations.

The diverse appeal of serviced accommodations ensures steady occupancy rates and a reliable income stream. This adaptability becomes a strategic advantage as an investor, allowing for manoeuvring through the dynamic hospitality industry landscape and seizing emerging opportunities.


Higher rental yields


Offering a profitable prospect, serviced accommodations often deliver superior returns on investment. The key lies in the option to rent out these properties on a nightly or weekly basis, allowing property owners to make the most of a high-yield, short-term rental model. This flexible rental approach results in a reliable and potentially substantial income.

The allure of higher rental yields is reinforced by the ability to adjust rates based on demand, maximising profitability. As an investment opportunity, the capability to command premium rates in the short-term rental market positions serviced accommodations as an appealing and financially rewarding choice for property owners.


Home-like environment


Crafting a homely setting, serviced accommodations stand out with their fully equipped kitchens and separate living spaces. This considerate feature resonates with guests seeking a more comfortable and personalised experience during their stay. The inclusion of well-furnished kitchens enables guests to savour the convenience of home-cooked meals, fostering a sense of familiarity.

Simultaneously, the distinct living spaces enhance privacy and contribute to a more relaxed environment. This unique offering caters to the increasing demand for accommodations that surpass the standardised hotel experience, appealing to those who prioritise a homely atmosphere while on the move.

Considerations you need to make


While there are many benefits to becoming an investor in the serviced accommodation market, there are a few considerations you need to go over first:


Occupancy rates


Examining historical and anticipated occupancy rates is vital when entering the world of serviced apartment investments. Assess the demand for short-term rentals in your chosen location, as high occupancy rates indicate a potentially lucrative venture. Consider the influence of seasonality and market dynamics, as these factors shape the overall success of your investment.

A detailed analysis of occupancy trends enables informed decision-making, aligning your expectations with market realities. This nuanced approach ensures your investment strategy adapts to varying demands, enhancing the potential for sustained profitability in the competitive landscape of serviced apartments. Stay attuned to market nuances to make strategic and well-informed investment choices.




Navigating mortgage considerations is a pivotal aspect of exploring serviced apartment investments. This involves a thorough examination of financing options and interest rates, ensuring they align with your financial plan. The impact of a favourable mortgage extends beyond the initial investment, significantly influencing the overall profitability of the venture.

To navigate this complex terrain, seeking advice from financial experts becomes instrumental. Their insights can guide you in selecting a mortgage plan that resonates with your budget and long-term investment goals. This strategic approach to mortgage assessment is fundamental for establishing a solid financial foundation and maximising returns in the realm of serviced apartment investment.


Time commitment


Understanding the time commitment essential for managing serviced apartments is important. Choose between handling responsibilities personally or engaging a professional management company. The time invested in property management, guest interactions, and addressing maintenance issues significantly shapes the success of your investment.

Striking the right balance between hands-on involvement and outsourcing is key to ensuring efficient operations and overall profitability. This consideration extends beyond daily tasks, encompassing long-term planning and adaptability to the evolving market needs. Achieving a harmonious balance in time allocation and management strategies is instrumental in navigating challenges and optimising returns in the world of serviced apartment investments.

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Final thoughts


In conclusion, serviced accommodation investment presents a compelling opportunity. With its flexibility, higher rental yields, and appeal to a diverse clientele, it aligns with modern travel trends. Consideration of occupancy rates, mortgage options, and effective time management are key to success. This dynamic sector offers a promising avenue for those seeking a lucrative and adaptable investment.

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