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Work Travel Published: 21st January 2024

Serviced Apartments vs Aparthotels: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to choosing accommodation for your travels - whatever the reason for them may be, the options of where to stay can be overwhelming. Serviced apartments and aparthotels are two popular choices that offer a home away from home experience, and are particularly popular among those who need to travel for business

However, to understand what sets them apart from one another, we’ll take a closer look at the key differences between these two options and explore why serviced apartments might be the more beneficial choice for your next stay - especially when having to travel for work.


The key differences between serviced apartments and aparthotels


When it comes to distinguishing between serviced apartments and aparthotels, it can be broken down into several key aspects. The following aspects are what mainly differentiate serviced apartments and aparthotels. 




One of the most noticeable distinctions between serviced apartments and aparthotels is the space they typically offer. Serviced apartments usually provide more generous living areas compared to aparthotels, given that they are usually rented out as self-catering establishments. 

With separate living, sleeping, and dining spaces, serviced apartments afford guests a greater sense of freedom and comfort - almost as if they were staying in their own homes. This added space is particularly advantageous for extended stays, which business trips often demand, allowing guests to truly settle in and make the accommodation their own. This setup is particularly conducive to business trips as it caters to those who need to do work remotely after client meetings. 




While both serviced apartments and aparthotels aim to offer a range of amenities, the extent to which these facilities are available can vary. Serviced apartments often come equipped with a full range of home-like amenities, including washing machines, fully-equipped kitchens, crockery and utensils, cleaning equipment, and, of course, larger living spaces. 

Aparthotels, on the other hand, may offer more limited facilities, resembling those of a hotel room with slightly more space. The extensive amenities in serviced apartments contribute to a more convenient and enjoyable stay throughout the duration of the trip.


Kitchen facilities


One standout feature of serviced apartments is the presence of fully-equipped kitchens. This provision allows guests to prepare their own meals, catering to dietary preferences and saving on dining costs. This is a big reason for many businesses opting for serviced apartments over and above hotels and aparthotels. It allows them to allocate their delegates a daily food allowance, rather than having to budget for dining out expenses.

Aparthotels, while they may have some kitchenette facilities, often lack the completeness and functionality of a serviced apartment's kitchen. The ability to cook and dine in the comfort of your accommodation is a major plus for those seeking a more independent and personalised experience and it avoids the need to stick to strict hotel dining times and schedules.




Surprisingly, serviced apartments can often be more cost-effective than aparthotels, especially for longer stays. With kitchen facilities, guests can choose to cook, reducing expenses associated with dining out. Additionally, the spacious nature of serviced apartments makes them ideal for sharing with family or colleagues, splitting costs without sacrificing comfort. Considering the value for money, serviced apartments emerge as a prudent choice for those looking to balance comfort with affordability.

Flexibility and Personalisation


Serviced apartments excel in providing guests with a high level of flexibility and personalisation. The independent nature of these accommodations allows guests to tailor their experience to their liking, from cooking meals to arranging the living space according to their preferences. 

Aparthotels, while offering some flexibility, may not match the level of personalisation that serviced apartments can provide. This is largely due to the difference in cleaning schedules implemented by aparthotels. Aparthotel units are serviced more regularly and to a specific standard, whereas serviced apartments cater far more for individual needs than more stringent hotel setups. 

Additional Considerations

Beyond the primary differences highlighted above, serviced apartments often offer more extended and flexible stay options, making them particularly suitable for business travellers who require less rigid accommodation structures and those planning longer vacations. The privacy and sense of home in serviced apartments contribute to a more relaxing and enjoyable stay, a factor that is sometimes compromised in the busier environment of an aparthotel.


Final thoughts

While both serviced apartments and aparthotels cater to the needs of travellers seeking a home-like atmosphere, the distinct advantages of serviced apartments, such as spaciousness, a wider array of amenities, kitchen facilities, and the factor of cost-effectiveness, make them a standout choice. The flexibility and personalisation they offer further contribute to the overall experience. 

When planning your next stay, consider the benefits of serviced apartments for a truly comfortable and enjoyable home away from home. TrustedStays offers our customers a wide range of serviced apartments specifically vetted for their suitability to business travel and longer-term stays. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you in your business travel endeavours. 

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