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Work Travel Published: 23rd November 2023

Business vs Leisure Travel: What's The Difference?

Business and leisure travel are two distinct experiences, each with its own unique characteristics. When travelling for business, the focus is on work-related tasks such as attending meetings, participating in conferences, or being part of corporate events. 

In contrast, leisure travel revolves around relaxation and enjoyment. It's characterised by a more relaxed schedule, allowing for impromptu activities and a slower pace.

Continue reading to discover more about what these are and also the key differences between business vs leisure travel.


What is business travel?

Business travel refers to journeys undertaken for work-related reasons. These trips often include activities like participating in meetings, attending industry conferences, or engaging in corporate events. The itinerary of a business traveller is typically well-organised, with an emphasis on fulfilling specific job-related objectives.


What is leisure travel?

Leisure travel centres around personal enjoyment and relaxation, distinct from the objectives of business travel. This type of journey is about exploring new places, immersing in diverse cultures, or simply taking a break from daily routines. It caters to individual interests, whether that means historical exploration, outdoor activities, or seaside relaxation.

The key differences between business and leisure travel


Itinerary and scheduling

Business travel typically operates on a tightly structured schedule, with a focus on fulfilling specific work-related goals. Itineraries are often packed with meetings, corporate events, and other professional engagements, all arranged with precision to maximise time efficiency. The pace is usually fast, adhering to a strict timeline to meet all professional commitments.

In contrast, leisure travel is characterised by a more relaxed and flexible itinerary. Travellers have the freedom to make spontaneous decisions and explore at their own pace without the constraints of a rigorous schedule. This type of travel prioritises personal enjoyment and exploration, allowing for a more leisurely and adaptable journey, unbound by the stringent time constraints of business travel.


Destination choice

Destination choice in business and leisure travel is influenced by different factors. In business travel, destinations are typically determined by work-related needs. These include locations of company offices, conference venues, or client sites. The primary consideration is the relevance to professional activities, often leading to travel to major business hubs or cities.

Leisure travel destinations are chosen based on personal preferences and interests. These can range from seeking cultural experiences in historic cities to relaxing on tropical beaches or exploring natural wonders. The focus is on personal enjoyment and experiences, with a wider range of destinations that are not limited by professional obligations.

Accommodation and facilities

When it comes to accommodations and facilities, business and leisure travel have distinct preferences. Business travellers often select accommodations based on their proximity to business events and the availability of amenities conducive to work, such as high-speed internet and meeting rooms. The focus is on efficiency and ensuring a seamless work experience.

On the other hand, leisure travellers prioritise hotels or resorts that enhance their vacation experience. They look for places with leisure amenities like spas, swimming pools, and easy access to local attractions. The emphasis for leisure travel is on comfort and enjoyment, with less concern for work-related facilities and more on providing a relaxing and enjoyable stay.


Duration and frequency

The duration and frequency of business and leisure travel typically vary significantly. Business trips are often shorter and more frequent. They are usually tailored to specific events or meetings, leading to brief stays, sometimes just a few days. Business travellers may frequently travel, often visiting multiple destinations over a short period.

In contrast, leisure travel tends to involve longer durations. Vacation trips are generally less frequent but longer, allowing for in-depth exploration and relaxation. Leisure travellers often take extended breaks, ranging from a week to even a month, to fully immerse in the travel experience and disconnect from their daily routine, unlike the quick-paced nature of business travel.

Expense and payout

The handling of expenses and payments in business and leisure travel differs notably. In business travel, expenses are typically covered by the employer or the business itself. This includes costs for transport, accommodation, and meals. Often, there's a set per diem or expense policy that business travellers follow, ensuring that expenses are in line with company guidelines.

For leisure travel, individuals usually bear the cost of their trips. This means planning and budgeting for transport, hotels, dining, and activities. The financial responsibility rests with the traveller, who must manage expenses according to their personal budget, unlike business travel, where the company usually handles the financial aspect.



In today's fast-paced world, travel divides distinctly into business and leisure, each serving unique purposes. Business travel focuses on efficiency, productivity, and connectivity, catering to professionals seeking seamless experiences. Leisure travel, in contrast, emphasises relaxation, exploration, and personal enrichment. However, both realms share a common need: quality accommodation. 

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