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Work Travel Published: 31st January 2023

How To Create A Business Travel Itinerary

If you’re in charge of a business trip for your colleagues or yourself, it’s vital to have a comprehensive business travel itinerary on hand. A travel itinerary ensures everyone knows where they need to be and what the purpose of the trip is. 

Putting together a business travel itinerary will also make your colleagues feel more relaxed, especially if a business trip is going to be longer than just a few days. When everyone knows exactly what’s happening, they will execute their role on the trip more effectively. 


What to include in a business travel itinerary


A travel itinerary should be as detailed as possible without being pages and pages of information. The final document should be easy to access and allow those travelling to effortlessly find the relevant information needed for the day. The following pieces of information are essential to include in any business travel itinerary.


Flight Information


This section is only important if the trip involves flying somewhere. People need to know which airport to be at as well as the check-in times for the flight. If you’re organising a trip with a big group, consider setting a non-negotiable meeting time before check-in so that you can be sure everyone has arrived safely, and on time for the departure. The same information should be included for returning flights. Also include luggage allowances in this section of the travel itinerary.


Transport Details 


This includes transport for all aspects of the trip. Here, you can suggest ways of getting to the airport and the transport arrangements for after the group has landed at their business travel destination. 

You will also need to inform your colleagues about how they will be getting around when on the actual business trip. Make it clear how they will be getting from their respective accommodation to meetings and what transport arrangements have been made for group activities. If there is enough time for sightseeing, provide information about public transport or taxi suggestions for getting around.


Accommodation Information


You need to inform your colleagues about where they will be staying at all times. Details to specify include hotel check-in times, check-out times, and the facilities available at the accommodation. Does the hotel have WiFi, a buffet breakfast, a conference room, or perhaps a swimming pool and gym? Be as specific as possible.


Meetings and Group Activities


When travelling for business, there will be meetings to attend and perhaps some team-building exercises. Here, you should inform those travelling about the meeting or activity venue, and dress code and also provide an overview of the agenda. 


Tips for A Travel Itinerary


Start building a business travel itinerary on a spreadsheet as it will make it easier to draw up the final document to be distributed. A spreadsheet gives you a more detailed overview of the trip and will allow you to filter the necessary information to include in the final itinerary. 

Always include food plans. People need to know if they are required to make their own arrangements for mealtimes or not. Including meal breaks also encourages people to pay more attention to the itinerary, making your job as the organiser slightly easier.

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