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Work Travel Published: 18th August 2023

Business Travel Accommodation: A Comprehensive Guide

As a business traveller, you must ensure you're staying in the right hotel room, property, or space for your needs. If you need clarification on the options available or what to look out for during the booking process, we have you sorted. Below is the ultimate guide on business travel accommodation to set you up for corporate travel in the future.


Understanding business travel accommodation


Business travel accommodation may seem easy enough to understand, but there is much more to it than meets the eye.


What is business travel accommodation?


Business travel accommodation is exactly as it sounds. It's where you stay when you go on a business trip, and they are usually designed specially to offer a unique guest experience for those working on the go. 

There are various types of corporate accommodation, including business travel hotels, Airbnbs, and serviced apartments, each offering tailored amenities and workspaces. A travel management company usually finds them, provides high-speed internet, and is close to public transport to ensure you can travel to all your meetings.

The main aim is to offer a comfortable and productive environment, allowing any business traveller to stay focused and get a decent night's sleep while away.


The evolution of business travel accommodation


Business travel hotels and serviced apartments never used to be the norm for employees when travelling for work. Instead, they were set up in the cheapest hotel room closest to where they needed to be on their time away. 

However, now that the way that people work has changed, business trips have become much longer, and workers asked for places to stay that were more comfortable, felt more like home with kitchens and living spaces, and offered unique amenities that helped with their productivity.

With more people using the internet for their daily business tasks and to interact with clients worldwide, the need for high-speed wireless internet, multiple power outlets, and quiet workspaces has increased in demand. That's why more accommodation options have popped up, and travel managers have more to choose from for each trip.

Hotels used to be the leading choice for corporate travel, but more modern platforms like Airbnb, serviced apartments and co-living spaces have now pushed behind it. They tend to be more cost-effective in expense reporting and offer more personalised options than some business travel hotels. 

Similarly, when more people are around, such as in co-living spaces, it meets the desire for networking and allows travellers to meet like-minded business individuals while away.

In more recent years, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, the needs of those on business trips have changed even more. Corporate employees are now looking for spaces that offer eco-friendly lodging and more hygienic measures such as digital check-ins and payments.


Types of business travel accommodation


So, what types of business travel accommodation are there nowadays? Let's have a look at some of the most popular options:


Serviced apartments


Serviced apartments have become one of the ideal options for business travel in the modern world, and there are many reasons for that. Not only do you feel like you're living in a home-away-from-home space, but various amenities give you the luxurious aspect of hotels. 

They have all the facilities you could need for an extended business trip, such as kitchens for cooking dinners, laundry rooms to keep your attire looking sharp, and separate living areas when you need time to unwind. 

There is often high-speed Wi-Fi for working times and dedicated housekeeping services to keep you comfortable. It's the best choice for those who want to be more independent on longer trips.





Business travel hotels used to be the leading choice for business travellers, and they still have yet to lose their edge. There are many options, meaning you can tailor your stay depending on budget, amenities, and location. 

The hotel you choose can have anything from room service to high-speed internet, helping you stay comfortable and productive at the same time. They are often located near business centres, public transport and offer on-site meeting rooms where you can host your clients. 

It's a good choice for long and short trips, and they provide a certain level of convenience you might not find with other accommodation options. 



Short-term rentals/Airbnb


Short-term rentals work like you'd rent a home to live in for a long time. The only difference is you only pay rent for the time you wish to stay, such as a week or a month. This form of business accommodation has become more popular over the years, especially after the emergence of platforms such as Airbnb. 

The options are endless as you can find anything you're looking for, such as a small one-bedroom apartment to an entire mansion for group bookings. You can use the online booking tool to filter out your desired amenities, such as separate office space or a fully equipped kitchen. There are also choices for all sorts of budgets to fit them into your travel costs. 





Hostels have typically had a stigma attached to them, especially since they are so low-cost and you have limited privacy. However, they have evolved in recent years and offer a unique travel experience for those wanting something different. 

You can still use it as corporate accommodation, especially if you're on a tight budget, as they can sometimes offer private rooms, workspaces, and social environments when you want to do some networking. 

It might be a better option for a business traveller staying away for one night rather than a couple of weeks. It's not for everyone, but it works for some.



Co-living spaces


One of the latest forms of corporate accommodation is co-living spaces. Think of them like a hostel with upgraded amenities designed for more extended stays. 

Everyone receives their own private bedroom and potentially an en-suite bathroom in some options, but you share communal living spaces with like-minded people. It is a good option for group bookings or interacting and networking with other residents during your time away. 

It can make your business trip a lot more exciting and less lonely too. Since they are relatively new on the market, you might not find them everywhere, but you should consider booking co-living spaces if staying in urban areas. 



Key factors to consider when choosing business accommodation


There's no right business travel accommodation for everyone. That's why you might want to consider a few factors before looking for somewhere to stay to ensure you find the right option for you:

  • Location: You don't want to stay somewhere that's an hour's drive away from a business centre or where you need to meet your clients. That's why you should refine your search near where you need to be or public transport.
  • Amenities: Depending on your needs during the trip, check that your business accommodation offers all the amenities you need for increased productivity and comfort.
  • Reviews: For the ultimate guest experience during your stay, you want to see what other business travellers have said about the accommodation.
  • Pricing: Most of the time, a budget is in place when booking corporate accommodation. Only look at spaces that fit in with your travel costs to ensure you spend appropriately.
  • Flexibility: Not everything always goes to plan, so check whether the accommodation has flexible policies if you need to change your dates or requirements or cancel your stay.
  • Accessibility: If you don't have private travel organised, you might want to check for nearby public transport. If you have driven yourself, check whether there are parking facilities.
  • Additional services: If there is anything extra you want during your business trip, such as loyalty programs, complimentary breakfast, or a gym, ensure you take this into account during your search.


The role of serviced apartments in business travel accommodation


As mentioned above, serviced apartments have become one of the most popular choices for business travel accommodation in recent years. This is mainly because they make you feel like you're at home, with all the amenities you could need, from a fully equipped kitchen to laundry facilities. You also don't have to worry about much, as there are also housekeeping services available that offer the luxury of a hotel.

Serviced apartments have everything you need to work and live comfortably during your time away, and TrustedStays have some of the best options that fit your budget and needs. If you're planning a business trip soon and want to book a service apartment for yourself or your team members, don't hesitate to book through TrustedStays for a seamless process and an excellent travel experience.

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