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Work Travel Published: 27th December 2023

What Is Corporate Relocation & How Does It Work?

Corporate relocation stands as a versatile term, embodying various meanings depending on the perspective. It serves as a standard business practice, a specialised employee benefit, and a thriving $25 billion industry. 

Corporate relocation essentially involves an employer facilitating an employee's work-related move by subsidising costs and providing associated services. The primary objective is to swiftly, seamlessly, and cost-effectively move employees, their families, and belongings from one point to another, enabling them to become productive in their new roles at the earliest.


What does corporate relocation mean?

Corporate relocation, essentially a talent acquisition and management tool, optimises a company's workforce by orchestrating the movement of employees. It extends beyond merely changing locations, encompassing the provision of benefits to new hires, existing employees, and even interns. The relocation process is a vital strategy for both hiring and internal workforce management.

While the overarching goal is to facilitate a smooth transition, the associated costs cannot be overlooked. Companies often bear the financial burden of moving employees, including expenses such as:

  • Childcare and elderly care assistance fees.
  • Cultural training fees (if an employee moves to another country).
  • Fees associated with spouses/partners losing income because of the relocation.
  • Legal fees associated with selling or buying a home.
  • Passport and visa fees.
  • Packing and unpacking services.
  • Rental costs for temporary housing.
  • Storage and warehousing costs.
  • Transportation costs associated with relocation — flight tickets, train tickets, gas, etc.
  • Vehicle moving costs.

Not all employers offer these benefits, and the level of coverage varies. Human resources departments play a pivotal role in providing employees with detailed information about internal relocation packages.

The core components of corporate relocation

To ensure the success of corporate relocation, several key components come into play. These include moving employees and their families to the new location, transporting household goods, assisting in finding permanent housing, arranging short-term housing, and aiding in the acclimatisation process. 

Although some relocation policies rigidly define benefit structures, modern programs prioritise flexibility, allowing employees to tailor their relocations to their unique situations. This flexibility contributes to positive relocation experiences, a crucial goal for corporations, as content employees tend to be more productive and likely to remain with the company. 

Corporate relocation programs have evolved over time to meet the changing needs of businesses and employees. The traditional approach involved rigid policies and standardised benefits. However, with the dynamic nature of the modern workforce, companies are increasingly adopting flexible and personalised approaches to relocation.


The main types of corporate relocation packages

Corporate relocation packages come in various forms, each with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. The three main types include:

  • The Lump Sum Package: A basic package where employees receive a flat sum of money without additional support services.
  • The Fully-Covered Relocation: Reserved for high-level executives, this comprehensive package covers all relocation costs and includes the services of relocation consultants.
  • The Managed Budget Package: A practical alternative gaining popularity, employees receive a fixed amount of funds along with support from relocation specialists to manage the budget effectively.

Many companies adopt tiered relocation programs, offering different benefits to employees at various levels, potentially combining elements of the above packages to suit individual needs. Allowing employees to tailor their benefits to their unique situations fosters a positive relocation experience. Companies that prioritise flexibility empower their employees to make decisions for themselves, contributing to higher job satisfaction and retention rates.

Corporate relocation services

With the right strategies, flexible packages, and supportive services, corporate relocation can be a super simple process. While some companies may choose to handle relocations internally, many opt for third-party relocation management companies (RMCs) to streamline the process. Traditional RMCs operate on paper and people, assigning relocation specialists to manage the move. However, this approach is often expensive due to the labour-intensive nature of the process and industry practices such as marking up vendor invoices. 

Providing fully furnished and well-equipped lodgings, Trusted Stays caters to the comfort and needs of relocators. Our commitment to creating a home-like environment contributes significantly to a positive and stress-free relocation experience. As businesses continue to evolve, the role of reliable relocation services like Trusted Stays can help you ensure the well-being and success of both companies and their valued employees.

As businesses continue to expand globally and the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, the importance of corporate relocation as a strategic tool for talent acquisition and management is set to grow. Trusted Stays, with its commitment to providing a comfortable and supportive environment for relocators, is your ideal partner in corporate relocation ensuring the experience is one that is easy, affordable, and results in great experiences for both employers and employees alike.

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