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Work Travel Published: 29th April 2023

Top 12 Team Building Activities in Manchester

Developing strong relationships with your coworkers is vital for success, however, it can be challenging to do when you’re stuck in an office capacity.

Team-building activities are a great way to bring people together, foster more robust relationships and have a lot of fun. However, when working in a large city like Manchester, many options are available, so it can be hard to find the right one for your team. 

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the top 12 team-building activities in Manchester to make your decision a little bit easier.


Go on a walking tour of Manchester


When you’re working so hard every day, it can be hard to find the time to see the sights of the beautiful city you live in. That’s why you might want to consider a walking tour of Manchester for your team-building activity. You can either plan it yourself or find a guide with more knowledge of the area.

Some iconic landmarks you might want to visit with your group include the Royal Exchange, the Vimto Town Hall, and the Free Trade Hall. Pick up a few interesting facts and discuss them with your fellow coworkers as you walk.



Play hard at Sixes Cricket 


It’s always a good idea to discover the interests of your team before planning the activity. If most of the office loves sports, especially cricket, then this one's for you. Sixes Cricket in Manchester is a great place where you can each have a go at a round of simulated cricket. 

And once you’ve tired yourselves from a great game of batting, you can sit down and eat some tasty British food alongside a pint or cocktail. 



Work together in an escape room


There is no better way to strategise and grow as a team than working together in an escape room. Manchester has a wide range of escape rooms with different themes, such as Saw, The Cube, and Prison Break. You get 60 minutes as a team to solve puzzles and try to release yourself from the shackles of the room. 

The teams in escape rooms usually consist of between two and five people. If you have a bigger team, you can split into different rooms and see who can solve the puzzles and make their way out the fastest. 



Zoom around at TeamSport Go Karting


If your office is a fan of fast-paced and action-packed activities, you are definitely going to love a team-building day at TeamSport Go Karting. This indoor go-karting course is located in Central Manchester and guarantees a bucket load of fun. 

You are met with a 550m course with multiple levels and 40mph karts to go with them. It is a place that caters to groups of all sizes, and you can all bring out your competitive side to see who comes out on top.



Experiment with a cooking lesson


There’s no better way for people to bond than over a love of cooking. Almost everyone loves food, so you can rest assured that your entire team will have a blast at a group cooking lesson in Manchester. There is a wide range of options to choose from at Manchester’s cookery school, where you can learn to make a variety of dishes from experienced chefs in a well-lit kitchen. And the best part? You’ll all be able to sit down and enjoy your creations afterwards.



Have some fun at Dog Bowl


There’s nothing better than a game of bowling, and it has been a favoured team-building exercise by businesses for decades. You can grab your team and head on over to Dog Bowl on Whitworth Street, where you can have a fun-filled afternoon or evening of some competitive bowling. 

You can always decide to split your group up into teams, or you can compete individually. It’s a great opportunity to have a few laughs while enjoying some cold drinks from the venue bar too.



Enjoy the thrill of indoor skydiving


This is the perfect team-building activity in Manchester for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies. You can take your team to Manchester’s indoor skydiving centre, where you can feel on top of the world in the 4.3-diameter indoor wind tunnel. 

Each person receives a minute-long skydiving experience which is even longer than a traditional jump. The instructors are always there to help and you will each have access to safe equipment. There’s no doubt you’ll all feel refreshed and ready to work hard after this. 



Lock yourselves up at Alcotraz


Now this is one of the most popular team-building activities in Manchester, whether you go with a group of friends or your team from work. It offers something unique where everyone is dressed up in orange jumpsuits while they can enjoy a selection of delicious cocktails. 

And there are even more surprises to look forward to, such as trying to hide your liquor from the guards and trying to escape from the prison cells. The office will be talking about this for years to come if you choose this activity. 



Team up with a game of paintball


Put your helmets on and head to Manchester’s paintball centre for a dedicated day of fun, exercise, and competition. You can split your co-workers up into two teams where you go head to head in a series of games, each with its own unique twist.

Everyone is provided protective equipment so you can avoid injury and have the time of your life without any worries. It is the perfect activity for people of any age and fitness level.



Hit a hole-in-one at Treetop Adventure Golf


You don’t have to love golf or sports to have a good time at Treetop Adventure Golf. In fact, there is something for everyone at this venue in Manchester. 

Your team can make their way through the immersive indoor 18-hole course or check out some of the other arcade games. There is a dedicated food court where you can all share a pizza and have a few drinks while you talk about who had the best hit on the course. 



Get adventurous with indoor rock climbing


When you want you and your team to get active while becoming closer, you can reach for the sky at the indoor rock climbing centre in Manchester. 

There are over 1,000 m2 of climbing surfaces for you to tackle, and you can learn the best techniques to get to the top from experienced climbing instructors. Everyone is provided with a safety briefing and changing rooms to get into the right gear before you get started.



Stay entertained at Immersive Gamebox


You can’t go wrong with a group games night, and you can have just that at Immersive Gamebox in Manchester. It is a specialised entertainment hub with bright lights and visuals that will glow around the room while you take part in unique games and special missions. 

You will all have to lean on each other to get to the next level. There are so many options to stay busy and have fun; you will all feel on top of the world after winning games as you walk out.


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