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Work Travel Published: 29th April 2023

Top 10 Team Building Activities in Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the top business hubs in the UK with professionals working and living in the city. If you run a team in Birmingham you may be thinking about how you can bring your team together for a fun team-building activity in the city. 

Birmingham is growing into an exciting place for these types of activities and with so much to choose from it can be hard to decide on a single activity to do with your team. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 best team-building activities to do in Birmingham to give you the inspiration you need to plan a great day out.


Get Out of Birmingham Escape Rooms 


Escape rooms are easily becoming one of the most popular team-building activities to do in the professional space. There are several great escape rooms to choose from in and around Birmingham. These activities are great for working together as a team to solve cryptic clues and have a laugh at the same time.



Release Stress At The Birmingham Rage Room


Has a stressful week? Why not treat your team to an afternoon at the Birmingham rage room? This facility allows you to safely smash up household items and old pieces of tech including TVs! Although this may sound like a violent way to spend time with your team, it’s a great way to let off some steam and can actually be a whole lot of fun as a team activity.



Have Lunch in the Park


Lunch in the park is a great summer activity to do with your team. Picnics are easy to organise and are a great way to spend time building bonds with a group of colleagues. Some of the best places to have lunch in the park in Birmingham are Cannon Hill Park, Kings Heath Park, and Small Health Park. All of these offer beautiful scenery with lakes and pristine gardens - the perfect setting to unwind and relax after some hard work.



Test Your Engineering Skills at The Soap Box Derby


Birmingham City is renowned for activities that get you involved in something slightly different. The Soap Box Derby is a hilarious activity for teams to enjoy as you have to make your own cars and race them at the end of the day. 

The organisers provide you with assistance when building the skeleton of your car but the design is entirely up to you. This is a great team-building activity for larger groups. 



Test Your Team’s Knowledge at a Team Trivia Night


You’ve hired a great team, so why not try your luck at one of the many Birmingham trivia nights? Put your team's knowledge and intelligence to the ultimate test and have a laugh over a couple of drinks. Trivia nights are a super fun way to unwind after a stressful time at work and will bring your team together as they tackle quiz questions and come up with the best answers. 



Give Back to Your Community and Get Involved in Community Work


You know what they say - teamwork makes the dream work. By offering service back to the community, your team can bond over helping others which are bound to bring them closer, making community service one of the best team-building activities to do in Birmingham. 

Community service activities include soup kitchens, old age home visits, and even spending some time at a local animal shelter. Whatever you decide, this one is a special option for team-building activities to do in Birmingham. They will also be easy to organise as charities are on the constant look out for volunteers to come and help out.



Enjoy a Team Work Out


Put your team’s physical capabilities to the test and get sweaty with a team workout. Why not consider booking a dance class to have a few laughs while learning some new moves to good music?

If this is not really your scene, try booking your team to do a fun run or walk around Birmingham or through the parks. Make it a super fun, momentous day and get matching T-shirts for your team to take home.



Make Your Own Pizzas


Who doesn’t love pizza? Enjoy a pizza-making course at a centrally located city location and learn all the tips and tricks for making your own dough and rolling it out. These classes give your team the opportunity to learn something new and enjoy a delicious pizza after they have been cooked. 

Have a go at dough tossing and try out all the different toppings to come up with your favourite combination. To allow your team to let their hair down, why not add some wine into the mix and enjoy drinks while creating food together? You’ll soon be one big happy Italian family.



Take the Team Paintballing 


Paintballing is a great sport to do with your team and will certainly bring out their competitive side. Delta Paintballing is the most popular facility in the city for paintballing and allows you and your team to navigate an intense course to retrieve flags and get back to your base without getting painted. This is an activity that sparks adrenaline but will also give your team loads of laughs and much to talk about on the following Monday. After paintballing, enjoy a nice dinner and some drinks to bring down the adrenaline levels.



Do A High Ropes Course


There are several facilities wherein you can do a high ropes course with your team in Birmingham. High ropes challenge your team to navigate ropes at heights, requiring patience, balance and the support of your team. High ropes is a great team-building challenge as it encourages the team to be there for one another and provide support to those who are a bit shaky when it comes to heights. 

This activity is also really fun and will invoke laughter within the team. Enjoy this slightly different physical challenge as well as ziplining at the The Bear Grylls Adventure facility at the NEC in Birmingham.


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