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Work Travel Published: 22nd November 2023

How Serviced Apartments Are Paving The Way For Lower Carbon Emissions

As the landscape of business travel evolves, the demand for accommodation that aligns with sustainability goals and employee well-being is more prominent than ever. With more and more focus on sustainability for corporations, business travel planners have considered this when seeking accommodation that fits in with their environmental policies 

The resurgence of longer-term stays in corporate travel has led to a lot of re-evaluation in traditional accommodation models, with serviced apartments emerging as a preferred option for several reasons. 

In this article, we’ll explore the unique ways in which serviced apartments are the lower-carbon-emissions option for corporate travel and how they support the broader goals of corporations.


Providing More Agency to Travellers During Their Stay

Serviced apartments redefine the corporate accommodation experience by offering more than just a place to stay. These spaces provide a home-like atmosphere, complete with kitchens and communal areas that encourage socialisation. The autonomy granted to corporate travellers, including flexible check-ins and the option to host meetings or meals on-site, contributes to a personalised and independent experience. 

It also means that they do not have to travel extensively for meetings, with services like WiFi and internet being readily available for home office days. By reducing the reliance on energy-intensive communal areas, such as dining rooms and entertainment areas, serviced apartments help lower the overall carbon footprint associated with corporate stays.

Better Sustainability Practices

Sustainability is a core focus for modern businesses, and serviced apartments play a crucial role in meeting these environmental objectives. Unlike traditional hotels, serviced apartments provide self-sufficient spaces with controlled energy consumption which can be monitored by the property managers. The lower carbon emissions per square footage make them an eco-friendly choice for corporate travellers. 

With a shift towards longer stays, serviced apartments support the reduction of flights, and the need for car rentals, therefore aligning with the global effort to minimise the environmental impact of travel.


More Cost-Effective Rates Per Night

The economic advantages of choosing serviced apartments extend beyond the cost per night. When extended stays for business trips are necessary, the financial benefits become more apparent. Corporate travellers can take advantage of fully-equipped kitchens, reducing the need for expensive room service and restaurant dining. Those staying in serviced apartments have the option to cook their own food, saving money on their food budget. This not only results in cost savings but also contributes to a reduction in food waste, supporting both financial and environmental sustainability goals. 

Due to less need for room service and hospitality, serviced apartments are also usually the cheaper option, making them ideal for companies who are looking to reduce costs on corporate travel. This is also better for optimising budget allocation and ensuring businesses do not make a loss on corporate trips. 

Reducing Travel Time By Staying For Longer

Experts highlight a growing trend towards longer business trips, a shift accelerated by advancements in virtual conferencing and the ability to work remotely. With new working trends like bleisure travel coming to the fore, serviced apartments are the more sustainable option than other accommodation types like hotels. By offering a comfortable and sustainable alternative to traditional hotel stays, it's more likely that booking serviced apartments for the likes of bleisure travel will align with corporate sustainability policies. 

Longer stays translate to fewer flights, and carefully placed serviced apartment facilities also reduce the need for travel during the trip. This significantly lowers the carbon footprint associated with air travel and as well as motor travel. As businesses embrace extended travel periods, serviced apartments play a crucial role in aligning corporate travel practices with sustainability objectives.


Community-Centric Co-living and Shared Transportation

Beyond providing comfortable living space, serviced apartments embrace co-living, fostering a sense of community among corporate travellers. Apartment blocks that have serviced apartments in them are the perfect solution for group trips and simplify the logistics of accommodating teams during group trips or work projects. 

Additionally, co-living encourages shared transportation, favouring eco-friendly options like group bus travel. By promoting communal living and shared transportation, serviced apartments actively contribute to minimising the environmental impact of corporate travel. Although serviced apartments are ideal for larger groups of corporate travellers, they are also beneficial as they still ensure colleagues have their own space for privacy when they need it. 

With individual living units, employees will still have their own spaces to prepare food, work, and unwind after a long day. This also makes them the more preferable choice for accommodation over hotels. Sharing cars and taxis can significantly reduce the carbon emissions associated with corporate travel. 

Sustainable Housekeeping Practices

The commitment to sustainability in serviced apartments extends to housekeeping practices too. Adopting a weekly cleaning schedule not only minimises disturbances for guests but also significantly reduces electricity consumption. The decreased frequency of towel and linen cleaning conserves water and minimises the environmental impact associated with laundering. 

By prioritising sustainable housekeeping, serviced apartments align with the growing demand for environmentally conscious choices in corporate travel. Whereas hotels are serviced daily, serviced apartments have a cleaning schedule that only requires cleaning to be done a few times a week.



In an era where sustainability is paramount, serviced apartments are the best eco-friendly accommodation options for corporate travellers. From promoting autonomous living and sustainable travel practices to fostering cost savings and reducing carbon emissions, serviced apartments are at the forefront of shaping a greener future for corporate travel. 

As businesses increasingly prioritise sustainability, the serviced apartment industry is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing environmentally conscious and employee-centric travel. They are also the more financially sound option for businesses, especially when it comes to longer stays. For group travel, serviced apartments also enable colleagues to share modes of transport such as car rentals and taxi services, decreasing the carbon emissions associated with getting from A to B. 

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