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Property Management Published: 6th June 2023

Getting Your Property Accredited with QIAS

As a property owner, you want to make sure you get the most out of it. This may mean that you want to rent it out to get some extra income on the side. If you plan to list your property with Trusted Stays, we’re thrilled! Before you begin the onboarding process, however, you need to make sure that your property is accredited with the Quality International Assessment Services (QIAS). This allows us to offer our guests the best properties on the market, and the accreditation does wonders for your property too. 


How do I get my property accredited with the QIAS? 


To get your property accredited with the QIAS, you must book an assessment with one of the quality assurance specialists representing the organisation. The process is started by submitting an online form via the QIAS website. The form asks you for details about your establishment to give the QIAS an idea of the quality accreditation you need. 

When you’re looking to get your property accredited, the assessor will look at aspects such as cleanliness and amenities for the guests and conduct a general safety check of the property. The assessment will confirm that your property is not only safe to occupy but also act as a stamp of assurance that your property meets the highest quality standards for guests who stay there. 

Before you submit the online form, you can also contact the QIAS directly to learn more about the property quality assurance process.


How long does the accreditation process take?


Once you have submitted your form on the QIAS website, it will take no more than a few days for a representative to get in touch with you and set up an assessment appointment. The duration of the appointment itself will depend on the size of the property and the level of health and safety checks that are required to sign it off. Older properties may take longer, whereas new builds usually take shorter to examine. 


What should I do before my QIAS assessment?


Before you have your property assessed, make sure that all the amenities you plan on marketing your property with are in working order. You will also need to ensure that aspects like the heating and water systems have been recently serviced to avoid any mishaps occurring around the time of the assessment. 

The assessor may also request to see paperwork that proves you have sufficient service plans for the property essentials. You should also make sure that all the plumbing and appliances that you intend to keep in the property are in working order. The assessment from the QIAS very much depends on the experience the guest will have during their stay at your property, so you need to ensure that the assessor approves the property based on as accurate a representation as possible.


Why do I need to get my property accredited?


Aside from getting a thumbs up from the QIAS, there are several other benefits associated with getting QIAS accredited. Two of the most prominent benefits are that governments hold the QIAS in very high regard. For this reason, having the accreditation allows organisations with this certificate to stand a greater chance of winning government contracts. For example, if your property meets the standards required for government representatives to stay, you may be approached for a more long-term agreement. 

The same can be said for hosting corporate representatives. Corporations will always choose the best quality they can come across for their employees and clients when they travel for business. When your property is QIAS accredited, it makes it more attractive to corporate travel managers and to those travelling for business.

Gain access to bookings from corporate and government professionals, outside of the typical holiday seasonality.

Quality short term home rentals for government staff, key workers & professionals.

All property partners are independently accredited by the Short Term Accommodation Association.

Safe, clean and secure accommodation for employees during work trips and relocations.

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