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Work Travel Published: 26th May 2023

Who Is The Target Audience For Build To Rent?

In recent years, the build-to-rent (BTR) sector has gained significant traction in the real estate industry. With its innovative approach to rental housing, BTR developments are designed and built specifically for long-term renting. 

However, understanding the build-to-rent target audience is crucial for developers and investors to tailor their offerings effectively. This article will explore the target audience's demographics, preferences, and motivations for build-to-rent developments.


What is build to rent?


So, let's dive into the world of build-to-rent and see what it's all about. This innovative trend in real estate has been making waves lately. Build-to-rent, or BTR for short, is all about developing properties specifically for long-term renting instead of selling them.

Instead of just building houses or apartments and crossing your fingers for buyers, BTR developers take a different approach. They create rental communities or apartment complexes with a particular target audience in mind. These properties are designed to meet the needs and preferences of renters, whether big or small and come packed with amenities and shared spaces.

Now, what's the big deal with build-to-rent? Well, there are plenty of perks to consider. First off, these properties are purpose-built for renting. That means they're thoughtfully designed with renters in mind. They're well-crafted and equipped with all the modern features and amenities that renters crave.

Speaking of amenities, build-to-rent developments really go the extra mile. They offer great shared spaces and facilities like gyms, pools, co-working areas, lounges, and gardens. It's like living in a fancy hotel, but you can call it your own home!

One significant advantage of build-to-rent is that professional management handles the properties. No more worrying about fixing things or dealing with difficult landlords. The management team handles all the maintenance and repairs, ensuring you have a hassle-free living experience.

Flexibility is another significant aspect. Build-to-rent properties often provide flexible lease terms, allowing you to choose a rental period that suits your needs, whether it's short or long-term. And let's not forget the convenience of living in a well-maintained community with all the necessary amenities right at your fingertips. It's like having all the perks of a lovely neighbourhood without any of the headaches.

Location plays a vital role too. Build-to-rent developments are typically situated in fantastic areas, such as city centres, or close to workplaces and transportation. You'll have easy access to everything you need, from shops and restaurants to entertainment venues.


Who does build to rent target?


Who's interested in build-to-rent? Well, it turns out a wide range of people are attracted to these properties.


Millennials and young professionals


Millennials and young professionals are drawn to build-to-rent's flexibility and convenience. They love the amenities like shared spaces, gyms, co-working areas, and being close to transportation hubs. These people are tech-savvy and enjoy being part of a vibrant community.


Empty nesters and downsizers


Empty nesters and downsizers are older adults whose kids have moved out or those who want a simpler lifestyle. They're all about low-maintenance living and having access to amenities. Downsizing without compromising on quality is their goal. Build-to-rent communities are a perfect fit for them. They get to live in fantastic areas without the headaches of homeownership.



Mobile workforce and expatriates


Mobile workforce and expatriates are always on the go for work. Think consultants, contractors, and digital nomads. They need housing that's flexible and hassle-free. Short-term leasing options and fully furnished units are essential for them. Build-to-rent properties meet their needs perfectly, making their lives easier when they're away from home.


Students and university staff


Build-to-rent projects near schools and universities are a big hit with this group. Students crave a sense of community, safety, and proximity to campus. Build-to-rent properties designed specifically for students or university staff cater to their needs. It's all about creating an ideal living and learning environment.


High-income renters


Last but certainly not least, we have high-income renters. Yes, build-to-rent isn't only for affordable housing. There's a luxurious side to it too. These individuals appreciate upscale amenities, premium finishes, and concierge services. They want the whole package without the commitment and maintenance of owning a home.


Final thoughts


So, who IS the target audience for build to rent? Well, it's a mix of all sorts of people with different needs and tastes. We've got millennials who are all about city life and convenience. They want to be right in the middle of all the action. Then some empty nesters just want a chill and simple lifestyle. They're done with all the fuss and want something low-maintenance.

It's essential for developers and investors to really get what these people are all about. You need to know what makes them tick and what they want. That way, you can create build-to-rent projects that perfectly fit them. 

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