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Work Travel Published: 20th April 2023

10 Great Coworking Spaces In London

In today’s working age, offices are becoming a thing of the past. More and more people are starting to work for themselves as freelancers or are part of virtual companies when everyone works from home. However, finding a productive space in your house can be difficult, and you might not want to spend hours at a coffee shop continuing to order water to keep your spot. 

That’s where coworking spaces come into play. And there’s no surprise that there’s a ton of them available in one of the biggest working cities of the world - London. So, if you find yourself in London and want somewhere you can work, chill, and get things done, check out one of the 10 coworking spaces in London we found.


Soho Works, Shoreditch


If you want to work in a warm space with vintage and mid-century vibes, then you’ll love setting your laptop down in Soho Works. Based in Shoreditch, this space is the coworking area of the Soho House members club. There is 16,000 sq ft for you to explore and find the right place to sit down and get productive.

No matter when you want to work, Soho Works can help. It is open 24/7, allowing you to cooperate with clients in any time zone. And when you want a little snack break? There is a cafe there to cater for your needs. 


Second Home Spitalfields, Shoreditch


There’s nothing better than receiving lots of natural light and being surrounded by a lot of greenery when trying to get your work done. At Second Home Spitalfields, you get all this while also being able to enjoy views of the beautiful London skyline when you are on the top floor.

You will love some of the unique quirks of this coworking space, such as the opportunity to bring your pet to work with you and free drinks Fridays for members. There is fast Wi-Fi, a calm environment, and all you need to complete tasks seamlessly.


The Ministry, Southwark


The Ministry is one of the number one coworking spaces in London, based incredibly near London Bridge and Borough. There are a good number of different meeting rooms available when you need to discuss strategy, as well as a vast array of charging ports and a strong Wi-Fi connection to keep you going. 

You can guarantee you’ll only get the best when working at the Ministry as it is always maintained to the highest standard and the staff are attentive to your every need. There is also an onsite bar, gym, and cinema when you need to let off some steam after a long day.


Mortimer House, Fitzrovia


Previously, Mortimer House was seen as a simple office interior, but since its restoration, it now displays a fantastic combination of terracotta ceilings, plaster mouldings, and marble mosaics for you to adore while you work. It is now one of the most beloved London coworking spaces that provide a hospitable service while you focus on productivity. 

And the best part about Mortimer House? If you ever need something, whether it’s a small snack or drink, you can opt for its ‘room service’, which will bring you what you want straight to your desk. There are also yoga and exercise classes when you need a bit of extra relaxation. 


The Trampery Old Street, Shoreditch


The Trampery Old Street is another great coworking space in London which will allow you to work alongside a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and freelancers. You don’t only get to work in a creative space, but you’ll be surrounded by a wide range of professionals who you can network with and support. 

The space is easy to access through various public transport links, and you’ll be able to make use of the wide range of meeting rooms. There is also high-quality equipment and wi-fi, attentive staff, and free food when you need additional fuel. 



De Beauvoir Block, Hackney


There is no denying that pink is a colour that makes people feel at ease, and it is even better when combined with a great combination of beautiful plants. That’s just what you get at the De Beauvoir Block in Hackney, which is a relaxed office space for people who want to work in a more casual setting. 

There is everything you need for a productive day, such as a large boardroom for meetings, comfortable working areas with cane chairs, and a cafe that is full-stocked for an enjoyable afternoon tea. It is also one of the more reasonably priced coworking spaces in London. 


The Hoxton Mix, Shoreditch


If you want a more affordable coworking space where you don’t have to commit to a yearly membership, then you’d love to go to the Hoxton Mix, which offers month-to-month terms for people travelling into the city. Free meeting rooms are full of all the productive equipment you need to host a successful event or gathering.

To make things even better, The Hoxton Mix offers free drinks, whether coffee, tea, beer, or wine, all day, every day. There is also a communal kitchen, a strong Wi-Fi connection, and a storage room if you need to store your bicycle.


The AllBright, Fitzrovia


This coworking space is special because it is an all-female club which is great for women entrepreneurs who want to work in peace and collaborate/network with others just like them. The space has been converted into a Georgian townhouse and displays beautiful interiors, from velvet sofas to elegant artwork. 

The AllBright is a fantastic space for people who want to get their creative juices flowing, attend a wide range of on-site events, and want access to a wide range of other relaxing amenities, such as a fitness studio and beauty room with a comprehensive list of treatments. 


Work.Life, Camden


Camden is the artistic hub of London, and it is a fantastic place to work when you want something different. Work.Life is centrally located in Camden and can be accessed via a wide range of public transport options. As soon as you enter, you are met by friendly and attentive staff who are always happy to help. 

There is a wide range of meeting rooms which are available when you need them, and there are tons of other fun events, such as networking opportunities and social drinks. You can also make use of amenities such as free snacks and drinks, yoga classes, and a dedicated nap room.


Plexal, Hackney


Last but not least, we have Plexal in Hackney. It is a modern, open-concept coworking space which is there when you need to work on an important project or want to host an event in one of the meeting rooms. The staff are always available to help and meet any special requests you may have. 

You can easily access the venue via a free shuttle bus from the nearest station, and there are tons of other amenities, such as quiet booths, free high-quality coffee, speedy Wi-Fi, and large and private rooms. 

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