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Work Travel Published: 16th November 2022

The Best Parts Of London To Stay For Work And Leisure

London, one of the most famous cities in the world, is full of amazing things to see and do. Whether you’re coming for work or vacation, there’s no doubt you’ve got a few things on the agenda that you don’t want to miss out on. Therefore, you will need to find a place to stay that meets your needs and is central to your plans. 

However, finding the best location to stay in can be a bit overwhelming since London is a huge city with many options. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing where you want to spend your downtime in the city, but don’t worry, as we’re here to help. 

Here are the best areas in London for you to stay in when you’re coming for work AND leisure. 


Covent Garden


If you’ve never visited London and are looking for the best place for first-timers, you may want to consider Covent Garden. It’s a highly central area with close proximity to some of the biggest attractions in the city. 

Whether you’re looking for a fantastic restaurant to take a client to or a bar to let loose in the evenings, there is an abundance of quality choices for you to choose from. These are all within walking distance, so you don’t have to worry about spending extra money on taxis. You can also walk to some of the other tourist hotspots if you want to venture out of Covent Gardens. Places like Westminster and Piccadilly Circus are close enough that you won’t feel tired and you can see all you need. 

If you’re an avid shopper, you also have many fantastic boutiques, stores, and outlets to browse through. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll most likely find it, as they have some of the biggest names, from Mulberry to Apple. 

To top things off, you can also get a bit of history into your trip by browsing the fantastic architectural delights of the Piazza and Market Building. It was also the first residential square to London’s wholesale fruit and vegetable market, which you may be able to see yourself if you’re lucky. 



South Bank


If the main goal of your stay in London is to ensure you get in some of the biggest tourist sights and attractions, then you’re probably going to want to find a place near the South Bank. It is right in the city's centre and within walking distance of things like the London Eye, the London Dungeons, and the Tate Modern gallery. 

Of course, this area will be busy with many other tourists, so if that is the sort of experience you want, then it is the perfect place for you. Since it is such a popular location, it has several transport connections meaning you can easily get in and out of the area throughout the day. Therefore, if you have a meeting in Camden but want to get back quickly for a ride on the London Eye, you can easily get this done. 

It is also an ideal place in the summer since there are several outdoor areas to embrace. So whether you want to have a meal and a drink in one of the many rooftop bars, set up a picnic in the Jubilee Gardens, or take a stroll down the Queen’s walk, you’re never going to be short of choice when you’re staying in South Bank. 




While most people who travel for business come to London by themselves, sometimes you may want to bring your family with you to enjoy themselves while you head off to meetings. If this is the case, you may find Kensington is the best location for families to stay in. 

If you’ve already seen Buckingham Palace, you may want to go for a trip to Kensington Palace, one of the properties owned by the members of the House of Windsor. Some of the biggest names staying there are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children. It’s a huge part of London and something you can tell people back home that you’ve seen. 

Also around the corner are the Natural History Museum and Science Museum, free to enter and some fantastic exhibits for the children to check out. Each of these museums makes learning fun and exciting for every family member. Once you’re done spending the day here, you can then head out for a bite to eat in one of the popular coffee shops or restaurants in the area. 

While it may be one of the more expensive places in London to stay, with the number of low-cost activities available, it evens it out. There are many underground connections for you to get on too if you want to head further into the centre.





Been to London, already experienced all the popular tourist attractions, and want to try something new? Then book a place to stay in Shoreditch. This eccentric location will allow you to live like a real local and see parts of the city that you wouldn’t normally see if you were staying more in the centre. 

Shoreditch may not be as high-end and glamorous as the more popular areas of London, but it definitely shows you a different and more unique edge to the city. There is a wide range of artsy bars, restaurants, and cafes for you to explore and try out and a huge gastronomy scene where you can try new dishes, drinks, and flavours. All you have to do is walk into the main town, and you’ll be exposed to a ton of different places to try. 

If you’re a fan of nature and beauty combined, then you may want to stay in Shoreditch because it is close to the Columbia Road Flower Market. Set up for weekends, you can head down early and check out the wide range of different floral arrangements. From the burst of colours to the fantastic scents that fill the streets, it is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. 





When you’re looking for a bit of luxury for your stay in England’s capital, then Mayfair should be at the top of your list. Home to a vast number of high-end restaurants and designer stores, it offers a form of elegance that will make you feel like you should be wearing a top hat and monocle. 

One of the best things about staying in Mayfair is that although you don’t need to leave the area because there is so much on offer, it is also so close to other areas like Marylebone, Belgravia, and Victoria. If you head to the west of Mayfair, you can explore London’s central park, Hyde Park. There is often a wide range of events held there, such as the Winter Wonderland at the end of the year, so have a look if there is anything one when you’re visiting. 

If you like to shop until you drop, then you can hop on the Piccadilly line and head south to Regent and Oxford Street, two of the biggest shopping hotspots in London. They will have whatever you need, and you’ll definitely get your steps in exploring them as well. 

But even if you simply stay in Mayfair for your whole trip, there are various restaurants, open spaces, art galleries, and stores you can check out in the area itself. 





Similar to Shoreditch, Marylebone is another area in London that can make you feel more like a local than a tourist. It is a lot more low-key than areas like South Bank and Covent Gardens, but it still has a wide range of hidden gems for you to check out when you’re staying there. 

If you’re a fan of mystery, then you may find it interesting to know that Marylebone was where Sherlock Holmes lived. Head on down to 2251B Baker Street, and you’ll be able to explore the museum based on the fictional character. There’s also a statue of the detective on Marylebone Road, which is a big attraction for people who love the books. 

Once you’ve said hello to Sherlock Holmes, you can then head on over to Daunt Books to find a brand new collection to get dug into. The collection is perfect for any book-lover and has a wide range for people who love travel. So if you’re planning on organising a business meeting in another city and want to know where to stay, you can get a head start in this store. 

You may also want to go antique shopping in the many charity stores around the area or check out the Old Masters at The Wallace Collection, a luxurious townhouse with a history. Marylebone certainly is a place for history buffs and bookworms, so consider this area if that is your cup of tea. 



St Pancras


Coming in or leaving via the Eurostar? Then you may want to consider staying in St Pancras during your time in London. It is home to London’s Eurostar station, which means it is a multicultural area full of visitors from around the continent. However, although it is near many transport connections, there are also some great things to do as well if you decide to stay there. 

If you want to get a little bit geeky on your visit to London, you can go right next to St Pancras Station and enter the British Library. Home to over 170 million books and artefacts, you can browse the many floors and exhibitions for free. 

For those who are fans of champagne and don’t even want to leave the station during your visit, you can visit Europe’s longest champagne bar, Searcys. It is extremely classy and makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. And the best part? If you want a top-up of your glass, all you need to do is use the ‘Press for Champagne’ button. 

When you want to venture a bit further, you can also go to Kings Cross station, where they have the underground train. From there, you can visit top places like Camden Market and the British Museum.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to get around in London?


London is one of the easiest cities in the world to get around, and this is due to the fantastic public transport network. 

Since London is so big, it has been split into nine travel zones. If you’re in zone one or two, then you’ll be travelling through central London. The travel price will depend on your zone, but you can easily pay using an Oyster card, a contactless card, or buying a paper ticket.

How you choose to travel is up to you, but the most popular method is the London Underground. You may also want to opt for the Overground, which is your typical train or one of the many buses around the city. There are also trams, cable cars, riverboats and taxis. Or you can walk if your destination is in close proximity. 


What are some of the biggest attractions in London?


There are hundreds of sights and tourists attractions for you to check out when you visit London, but these are some of the most popular ones:

  • The London Eye

Hop on one of the 32 glass pods and see all the sights of London from above the River Thames.

  • Madame Tussauds

Meet some of your favourite celebrities in wax form while checking out some unique exhibits.

  • Buckingham Palace

See where the Royal Family lives. You can also see the guards changing each day at 11 am. 

  • Westminster Abbey

Visit the location of some of the most famous coronations and weddings in the country. 

  • London Dungeons 

Learn all about some of the most chilling events in London’s history during this immersive experience. 


Are there any free activities to do?


There are tons of free things to do in London, and realistically, you don’t have to spend a lot when you visit England’s capital. Here are some free things you can try on your trip:


  • View the street art in Shoreditch
  • Learn something new at the Natural History Museum
  • See the views from above at the Sky Garden
  • Take yourself on your own walking tour
  • Check out the artwork at Tate Britain


Where are some good meeting spots?


If you’re heading to London for business, there is no doubt you’ll need to find somewhere to meet with your clients. Luckily, there is a great variety of impressive meeting spots that might blow your clients away before you’ve even started talking about your ideas. 

Below are some of the top places to meet up in London:

  • Sky Garden

Enjoy all-day dining while taking in the breathtaking views of the city and the various plant life offered. 

  • The Ned

Visit the former banking hall and head to Millie’s lounge for a drink or even a spot of lunch. 

  • Rail House Cafe

For something a little quirkier, you can head here and check out the international menu full of healthy options. 


What is the best thing to do when it’s raining?


You may have heard that London is known for its rainy weather. While this isn’t always the case, there may be times when it is raining during your trip. If you don’t want to stay in your hotel room, there are quite a few things you can do to keep yourself entertained:

  • Go through the History of Fashion ad the V&A museum
  • Head to the Royal Observatory and stand on the Greenwich Meridian
  • See a wide range of fish and exhibitions at Sea Life
  • Book to see one of the fantastic shows at the West End
  • Find one of the best restaurants while wandering through Chinatown


What are some good running spots?


While you may be in London to conduct a little business and take some time to see the sights, we understand that you may want to keep your fitness levels up. Luckily enough, there are loads of scenic running trails in and around London that you can either head to early in the morning or in the evening. 

Here are some of the top running spots to try:

  • Follow a former railway while you run along the Parkland Walk
  • Check out some of the roaming deer while trailing through Richmond Park
  • Head to Hampstead Heath if you are a fan of cross-country racing
  • Enjoy the river views while you run down the Thames path
  • Take a break from your run for wildlife spotting in Trent Park


Final thoughts 


London is such a big city, and it can be hard to find somewhere to stay when there is such a large variety. Hopefully, with this guide, you can find an area that matches your interests, and you can start planning your business trip. 

If you’re still looking for somewhere to stay, Trusted Stays is here to help. We provide quality homes for corporate and government stays throughout London, all you need to do is enter your desired area, and we will find you somewhere that matches your needs. 


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