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Coventry Serviced Apartments

Coventry effortlessly marries its historical past with a modern, dynamic allure and acts as a captivating canvas for business efforts. Immerse yourself in the culturally rich tapestry of this city, gazing at Coventry Cathedral with its iconic modernist design or meandering through the tranquillity of War Memorial Park, nestled in the bustling heart of this historic city.

Our serviced apartments have been meticulously designed with the business traveller in mind, with a space to unwind and rejuvenate after a hard day of business and exploration.

Top reasons to opt for Coventry’s serviced apartments

Want to know what makes serviced apartments in Coventry so great? Here are some of the benefits:


Cultural richness

Serviced apartments in Coventry enable guests to soak up the city’s diverse cultural scene, with the majority of apartments being located close to iconic landmarks, museums, galleries, and theatres.


Home-like comfort

Providing facilities such as fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities and spacious living areas offering “a home away from home” environment, you can maintain your lifestyle and routines.


Quality living

More spacious than a hotel room, the serviced apartments in Coventry offer a separate living, dining, and sleeping areas so guests can relax, work, and entertain in style and comfort.



Offering better value for money than a hotel room, especially for longer stays, the serviced apartments in Coventry are often provided with amenities such as fully equipped kitchens which mean that you can save money on dining out.



When it comes to the serviced apartments in Coventry, you can choose from a short or extended stay and enjoy the added flexibility that this brings, enabling you to suit your travel needs and lifestyle.

Coventry’s finest serviced apartments with TrustedStays

Discover unparalleled ease and confidence when securing serviced apartments in Coventry with TrustedStays. Our carefully chosen collection of high-quality STAA and Quality in Tourism accredited apartments accommodates your every need, providing an optimal home base for the corporate traveller in the lively mix of Coventry. 

Whether your preferences lean toward streamlined modern design or homey traditional, these apartments deliver a seamless blend of style and function where you might raise your feet after a crammed day of meetings or gallivanting.

By booking your Coventry serviced apartment with TrustedStays, you can be sure your time with us will be seamless and satisfying as you turn to make the most of this ever-evolving city.