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Why book an Aberdeen stay through TrustedStays

When you book through TrustedStays, you can feel rest assured you will get to stay in an accommodation which is designed to the highest quality and has been through all the most important checks to ensure it’s of the highest standard. All our accommodation is accredited and meets government guidelines so it’s ideal for a professional stay. Whether you are booking for an employee or yourself, you can expect a safe and private stay during your time in Aberdeen.

All the essential amenities are covered in the property and they are serviced to ensure you have a safe and private stay. At an affordable rate, all the costs are included in the price so there are no extra charges at the end. Unlike hotel rooms, you will have a lot of space and even a kitchen area so you can feel at home, whether you are staying for a week or a month in Aberdeen. You can choose the property from our highly recommended list and can even book multiple rooms at once. Ideally located, you can pick a convenient accommodation near everything the city has to offer.


Highlights of Aberdeen

The popular Scottish city is full of culture, art and history. Home to the offshore petroleum industry, you will find this city the perfect place for international business. There are plenty of landmarks to visit such as the Marischal College which traces back to Victorian times. There is also Slains castle and the  Aberdeen Maritime Museum. There is also an Aberdeen Art museum which is home to many unique and beautiful pieces. There are also plenty of green spaces with the opportunity to take a pre-work walk.

In the city centre, you can find lots of restaurants to suit all tastes. Whether you want a unique, independent restaurant or looking for a popular chain choice, you will love all these restaurants. From Mi Amore to Rustico, there are plenty of places to try for post-work dinner. There are also plenty of bars and traditional pubs to enjoy a drink or two.


Travelling around Aberdeen

While getting around Aberdeen with a car is easy enough, there is plenty of public transportation on offer. The Aberdeen bus route is regular and takes you around the city. You can also get the railway to take you out of the city and beyond. There is also an excellent cycling route and you can walk around the key attractions when staying in Aberdeen.