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Work Travel Published: 28th July 2022

Why is Accreditation So Important?

One of the topics that should always be at the forefront of any property rental owner's mind is trust.

Alongside having a well run property, property management team and marketing, trust can be the bread and butter for any successful accommodation.

But, unlike in the older days, trust can't just be achieved by word of mouth to look efficient, and people to book short term stays; you need evidence.

In today's times, corporates are always looking for extra ways to reassure themselves about the safety and security of the stay of their travellers.

This means they will look for additional measures to verify their decision before booking. After all, they need to guarantee the security and safety of their staff when booking a property.

When doing this, one of the first things a corporate business looks for is accreditation.


What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a form of certification that property owners can use to demonstrate their accommodation is suitable to stay in for corporate travel. It shows that the minimum standards have been met for their short-term rental. The accreditation is provided by a third party conducting audits and inspections to verify the property is up to standard.

When it comes to accreditations, there are multiple ones properties can have to help show to customers that your property is worth staying in. In addition to the guest's side, it also enables you to increase your chances of gaining more short-term bookings from the corporate sector as a property owner.


How can a short term rental benefit from accreditation?

Gaining more credibility for your growing property business by being accredited is just one advantage. There are a lot more benefits to doing so, such as:


Credibility and separation from peer-to-peer or unprofessional rentals:

With the rise of many short term peer to peer rental platforms like Airbnb, many people in the corporate sector think that short term rentals don't have any checks. For instance, there is a big belief that they don't meet the current laws, health and safety regulations, policies etc.

Accreditation removes this myth and allows property management companies to demonstrate that they offer the same care and standards as hotels. This credibility can influence business travellers who are more familiar with hotels to book with them.


Seal of approval

As a third party runs the audits and certifies them, it shows that the property can be trusted. This accreditation shows it meets the standards of others, and they're not hiding anything regarding their accommodation.


Assures a duty of care

Previously corporate travel planners would only book hotels instead of short term property rentals. Part of the reason is hotels could guarantee a sense of trust due to the existing accreditation and reputation they'd have in place. Because of this, many travel planners would only book with them to ensure their employees are protected outside the workplace.

However,, if short-term rentals have certifications like QiT or ISAAP, it automatically signifies to corporates that they've completed the right health and safety checks. This provides corporates with protection against any legal issues or insurance claims. Moreover, for the property owner, it gives them an equal opportunity as hotels for corporates to book them.


Trust and peace of mind

If the accreditation is already in place, there are higher chances that travel management companies will trust short term rentals, as they are assured a duty of care. The accreditation provided by a third party allows businesses and their employees to feel more safe and less anxious about their upcoming travel.


More business

Accreditation helps attract more business opportunities, as corporates are more likely to work with accredited property managers.


Greater access to platforms and broader reach

When advertising your property, some booking platforms must list the most common safety features and certifications. Being accredited allows you access such platforms as TrustedStays and get more bookings on them. For instance, some have filters for cleanliness, health and safety, and security, allowing you to stand out and be competitive on the platforms.


Marketing and USP

While accreditation can be highly valuable, many property managers still have not taken that leap to get the certification for their property. Therefore if you have accreditation, it can give you a marketing edge, and you'll often get collateral from your accreditation partners to showcase this.

This collateral often comes in signs, logos and seals, which you can add to your brochures, website and social media pages to show professionalism.



You can add an extra layer to protect your property by having a certification. It can protect you against lawsuits and insurance claims of travellers.


Why membership and accreditation is important to us

When hosting your short term rental with us on TrustedStays, one of the main principles we stick by is that properties that advertise with us have a track record of showing they can provide a high level of care and service. We ask that they can demonstrate this by showing levels of accreditation with the property.

Alongside membership, our partners must show their accreditation granted by a third party. After all, this is what has enabled us to win Government RFPs and the ability to distribute into the Global Distribution System.

While we don't conduct inspections ourselves, we accept several recognised credentials and partner with Quality in Tourism. This partnership allows our partners to gain accreditation quickly and at an affordable rate.

We currently recognise the following accreditations:

●  Quality in Tourism


●  The AA

●  Visit England, Scotland, Wales

Once you have this accreditation and list your property through us, it automatically signifies to corporate travellers that your property can meet the duty of care for guests.

Advertising your accredited property on our platform grants you exclusive access to the Global Distribution System. Being on this system as a property manager gives you direct access to Government and corporate buyers, who would previously book directly into hotels.



To stand out in corporate travel, accreditation is essential for your short term rental. It helps reassure businesses that they can meet their duty of care, gives them a peace of mind and allows them to compete with hotels.

It's also a fantastic tool for marketing, allowing you to gain a greater seal of approval to use on your brochures, websites and social media. If you want to gain accreditation, enquire with us today. While we don't conduct inspections, we have close partnerships with certifications like quality in tourism, which can conduct an assessment and get you accredited in a timely manner.

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