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Property Management Published: 22nd September 2022

Keys to keeping staff happy in accommodation

When it comes to your staff, the importance of ensuring they are happy and safe is of the highest priority. Every business knows the success of their company is down to the employees. And one secret to success is a happy and fulfilled staff. They drive the company forward and ensure it is thriving.

 So it’s important to ensure in every aspect of the job, their needs are put to the forefront for the sake of your business. From arranging a good work, life balance to ensuring employee benefits and overtime are possible, it’s important to ensure everything is working for staff.

Another thing you may need to sort out when it comes to your company is accommodation. After all, your staff may need to travel to another area and will need essential accommodation while they carry out business. Or if they are needed at another location of the business for a while, you will likely need to ensure they have adequate accommodation so they can complete their role successfully.

When you are arranging accommodation for employees, you need to ensure that it is going to make your staff happy. After all, you don’t want complaints from your staff which leads them to be unhappy and their work performance to falter. Therefore, here is the key to keeping staff happy in accommodation.


Focus on their needs

One of the main things you need to do to ensure the accommodation is appropriate for your guests is to focus on their needs. At the end of the day, this accommodation is for them and needs to suit their requirements. While we all have personal choices when it comes to accommodation, you want to ensure your employee is happy. 

Therefore, the first thing you need to do when arranging accommodation for your employees is to have a meeting with them. Discuss with them anything they will need from the accommodation and what their priorities are. For instance, they might particularly want a kitchen area so that they can cook from their accommodation when they are away.

They might have preferences when it comes to what they stay in or where they would like to stay in regards to the place where they will be working. By having an in-depth meeting with them, you can get a better idea of the accommodation which will keep them happy and also reassure them that you are taking their thoughts into account when choosing somewhere for them to stay. Once you have a better idea of their needs, you can assess different types of accommodations properly and ensure it fits the employee's needs.

Ensure you take into account special requirements

To ensure staff are happy in their accommodation, you also need to make sure any special requirements are fulfilled. Otherwise, your staff will soon become unhappy with the accommodation and might not be as productive when they start working at the new location. Therefore, go through any kind of special requirements before they start.

 For instance, if they have any mobility issues, these need to be taken into consideration when booking a property for the employee. You will need to ensure there is a lift, disabled parking spot etc. so that the place is sufficient for the employee's needs.

Also, who they are going to be staying with at the accommodation is important too when you are sorting accommodation. For instance, if they will need to take young children with them to the accommodation if they are going on a long-term relocation, there might be specific needs to be fulfilled. For instance, they will need a larger property or will need to be nearer to schools and family essentials. Therefore, clarify these details when arranging the accommodation.


Do think about amenities

It’s important to think about amenities when you choose accommodation for your staff. While they need sleeping quarters and a well-equipped bathroom, a good range of amenities is important for your staff to keep them happy during their stay. For instance, they need Wi-Fi so that they can check in with family and friends, as well as the workplace during their stay. They would likely require a fridge and kettle so they can keep food on site and be able to start the day off right.

Amenities on site such as a gym and pool are also a bonus for staff members in their accommodation. This ensures they can stay healthy while away and all this will give their work productivity a boost. Security and concierge service can also help boost morale by ensuring the staff member feels safe while staying at the accommodation.


Ensure they have spacious accommodation

To keep staff happy in their accommodation, you want to ensure they have enough space as possible. After all, if they are in a small hotel room, it will not leave them feeling fulfilled and happy before heading to the office. Therefore, many companies are now looking at short-term rentals which gives their employees a more substantial amount of space. With a house or apartment rather than a hotel room, they will have a lot more space and it will feel like a home from home. They are likely to get their kitchen, bathroom and even living quarters. This will give them plenty of space to unwind and relax after work, ensuring they have a good work, life balance.

There will be more area for them to work as well in this type of accommodation. A short-term rental is often a good idea if they are taking their children along with them for a longer time at a new office location. This will give them plenty of space while they need to be away from home.


Check the reviews 

To ensure staff are happy in their accommodation, you must check the reviews before booking. You don’t want to find they have an array of issues when staying at the accommodation. You want it to run smoothly to keep employee satisfaction at a high. Therefore, make sure you read about the accommodation first and ensure the company has a high reputation before you book. 

Ask for personal reviews of the specific accommodation to ensure your staff member will be happy there and will not need to be moved due to issues. Once you have had one successful accommodation stay, you can use this in future when you need accommodation for your staff members.


Pick a convenient location

Another thing you should do is to pick a location of the accommodation which is convenient for the employee. You want them to have easy access to the workplace from the accommodation. That way, they will have a successful commute in the morning which will keep their levels of satisfaction at a high. If their property is not near the office and they have a long commute, they might make a complaint or ask to move accommodation. Therefore, check exactly where the accommodation is before booking.

And remember to also ensure it’s close to places such as shops and restaurants. They need to be able to easily eat and drink and buy essentials so take this into account when booking the accommodation. That way, their happiness levels will be much higher.


Ensure transport is close

You can also keep staff happy by ensuring you choose the accommodation that has transportation close by. If your employee is going to be driving, the best thing you can do is ensure there is parking and ease of access to major roadworks. 

But if they need public transport, you need to make sure the bus or train is within a close distance. That way, they can easily get around without being stuck at their accommodation. You want them to get to the new office base easily. Ensure you communicate all information such as bus routes to the staff before they go.


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