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Work Travel Published: 13th February 2023

The Best Coffee Shops To Work In Leicester

Whether you’re travelling to Leicester for work or need to put some hours of study in while staying in Leicester, the city has an array of coffee shops you can work from. Working in Leicester coffee shops is great if you want to escape from your home desk for a while, or need some inspiration from the hustle and bustle of a cafe. Not all cafes are necessarily geared for catering to the remote worker though, so we’ve put together a list of the best cafes to work in Leicester.


Best Work-Friendly Cafés In Leicester


Whether you’re after a quiet, serene environment to enjoy a cup of coffee while you tap away on your laptop, or need a space to meet a business associate, the best coffee shops to work in Leicester have the perfect place for you. When you’re looking for the ideal work spot, you have to check whether or not the cafe provides you with plug sockets for your devices, good seating and, more importantly, wifi.


St Martin's Coffee Shop


Named because of its location in St Martin’s Square, a central location of the city of Leicester, St Martin’s Coffee Shop is a great option to set up your remote office. The double-storey layout provides customers with loads of seating and is the ideal spot to work from if you’re planning on being out and about over lunch. Their menu is impressive and with anything from delectable pastries to mouthwatering burgers.


Bru Coffee and Gelato


Bru is a popular spot for remote workers given that it’s open from early in the morning until the late hours of the evening. There is ample seating with plug sockets and good-sized seating to give you space to work or host meetings. The Leicester coffee shop is also just down the road from Leicester train station and is also situated among several hotels, making it the perfect place to work from while travelling to Leicester for business.


Café Mbriki


Café Mbriki is one of the best options for those cold, winter days in Leicester with their hot drink game being a cut above the rest. Customers can expect huge dollops of whipped cream atop caramel-flavoured coffees and loads of marshmallows in their hot chocolate - perfect for anyone who needs a little pick-me-up while hard at work. The seating is also great with plug sockets and good wifi so you can settle in to work there as long as you need to. They also specialise in sandwiches if you start to become peckish. 


CUE Coffee Shop


A great place to work if you want a slightly quieter atmosphere, CUE coffee shop has a pleasant, bright interior and great seating for you to get some serious work done. It’s also situated slightly out of central Leicester, in the area of Stoneygate, so you won’t get the intensity the city centre can sometimes breed when it’s busy. Cue has great facilities for remote workers including reliable wifi and several plug sockets.


Leicester Coffee House


If you’re bright and early for a meeting, you should definitely kill some time at the Leicester Coffee House. Open from 07:30, it’s the perfect place to do some last-minute prep work or just to get ahead in your work day. Aside from great coffee the coffee shop also has a selection of cakes and other sweet treats to keep you going. It’s also centrally located, a stone’s throw away from the mainline train station. 

Orso Coffee Shop


Orso is an ideal place to set up a remote office as it has a dedicated workbench set towards the back of the cafe with plenty of plug points. Sitting at the workbench is great if you’re working remotely with a team or even just on your own as it gives you a sense of comradery during a workday. The staff are very friendly and accommodating and their coffees and snacks are delicious. 


Ninety-Six Degrees


Ninety-Six Degrees is located close to the Old River Soar and provides customers with a serene atmosphere and a great workspace. There are several seating options, most of which have plug sockets. You can choose to sit alone at one of the two-seater tables, however, Ninety-Six Degrees is also a great place to collaborate with fellow colleagues or host meetings with business partners, as they offer tables with up to eight seats. This is easily one of the best coffee shops to work in Leicester.


Kings Coffee House


This Leicester coffee shop is something a little different from your quaint, streetside cafe. The Kings Coffee House is set inside a church and therefore has very quiet surroundings. Probably one of the main attractions for remote workers is the fact that a portion of their proceeds go towards helping the homeless, so every time you order a coffee to keep yourself going, you can rest assured you’ve contributed to a good cause too. 


The Northern Cobbler 


Definitely, one for the creatives out there, the Northern Cobbler Coffee Shop in Leicester is a shoe-making-themed establishment that serves up delicious coffees and snacks. They even sell their own brand of shoes and coffee wear from the cafe and online, so it’s a great space for business inspiration. The seating areas are perfect for the remote worker, with comfortable seats and loads of power points for your devices. They pride themselves on serving freshly roasted coffee and are one of the best coffee roasters in the city of Leicester. The atmosphere is also very relaxed so you can knuckle down to work in peace. 


Remote Working in Leicester Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are becoming increasingly popular spots to work in especially with the remote-working trend on the rise. Leicester is one of the biggest retail business hubs in the UK so there’s every likelihood you’ll end up working or having meetings here if you are in the retail industry. The university is also a buzzing hub of innovation, so these coffee shops are great for students to get some hours of studying in if they need a break from the library. Which Leicester coffee shop will you try on your next remote working mission?


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